Since April 2018 KAMINSKI HARMANN PATENTANWÄLTE AG continues proceedings of PATWIL AG after receipt of a corresponding order. Kurt Stocker works for former clients of PATWIL AG and for new clients in the new firm, which is located directly at St. Gallen railway station.

Your concern

  • You want to protect your intellectual property
  • You want to protect your trademark
  • You want to protect your design 
  • You need assistance in your IP-strategy
  • Your patent is infringed
  • Your are accused of infringing a patent
  • You want to license your patent
  • You appreciate qualified and personal counsel

Our offer

  • Preparing of patent specifications and conducting patent searches 
  • Filing of patent specifications 
  • Representation in front of patent offices 
  • Trademark filings and trademark searches
  • Design filings 
  • Intellectual property strategies
  • Litigations